Prehistoric Battle

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Place your bets, who will reign victorious, will it be the Wooly Mammoth weighing in at a hulking 6 tons, with slow but powerful strikes, or will it be the lithe and vicious saber toothed cat, the Smilodon, with speed on it's side and foot long canines. Only history knows their fate.

Give our prehistoric battle a forever home today! If you'd rather a bout with different fighters, like a giant sloth vs a giraffe, or a polar bear explaining climate change to a politician, just email and we can bring your miniature dreams to life.

Our bell jar dioramas are available with brass or sterling silver hardware as both necklaces and as standalone sculptures. 

All necklaces include a 24" or 30" brass or sterling silver chain. 

Collections: Dioramas

Type: Collectable

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