Ecosystem Pod - Monarch Butterfly

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New for 2016!

Our Ecosystem pods were one of the first pieces in the 2nd wave of SDW designs, and because of a number of factors we retired them in 2014, but now they are back and better than ever.

Each Ecosystem pod is based off a 3D printed design based off of our original lost-wax pod. It was refined with wax,  cast via Lost-PLA casting into metal. Once in the metal it was further refined using various burrs and finishing tools, and then a silicone mold created from that. 

Gone are the days of our paper butterflies, each of the most prevalent butterfly wing shapes were rendered and 3D printed, and then each butterfly is individually handpainted, positioned carefully into a moss garden, and then sealed with a bioplastic eco-friendly resin. They are then hung on a 24" solid brass or solid sterling silver chain to match the pod.

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