Custom Order FAQ

How much do custom orders cost?

We start each custom order with a $35 deposit that covers the initial design fee. Depending on the design this could less (for instance a modification of an existing piece) and can be more.

After the design fee, the cost of each individual piece will be calculated with a formula that takes into account studio labor and materials cost. The design fee is a one time fee, and will not be charged more than once if you are getting multiple editions of the same piece. Quantity discounts and wholesale pricing are available for custom orders by request.

How long does a custom piece take?

Most custom work takes between 3 and 6 weeks depending on the schedule in the studio and time of year.

If you are worried making a deadline, we recommend you contact us, and we'll let you know whether or not it is a realistic timeframe.

What can we make?

We can make almost anything. We have created everything from rocket ships to colons. We welcome any challenge and almost any subject matter but we reserve the right to refuse any designs we feel go against our ethics or the we are unable to faithfully recreate. In the rare case of a refused design, we will contact you to try and find a working design, and if it does not work out we will automatically issue you a full refund.

What happens if I want to order more than one custom piece

We love working on everything custom collections for clients of all types! There is not limit to the kind of projects we can work on. We have created custom suites for bridesmaids, and we have collaborated with brands such as Dry Bar and Live Poultry Designs to create unique collections. Just contact us via the form on the site, or send an email to and we'll make your dreams come true

My question wasn't answered here!

Don't worry, we've got you covered. Just contact us via the link on the page, or email us at and we'll answer your question as soon as possible.