Who are SDW?

Rebecca Stern,
Co-Owner, Head Designer and Fabricator
Rebecca, is a graduate with honors from the Pratt Institute Jewelry department BFA metals program, and specializes in design, traditional jewelry fabrication, and resin work. Rebecca draws her inspiration from the natural world, and explorations in the improvisational use of traditional techniques in the studio. You can email Rebecca at rebecca@sterndesignworks.com



Cameron Stern
Co-Owner, Creative Director
Cameron is a veteran theatrical technician who focuses on conceptual and 3D design, and 3D printing work for Stern Design Works.  Cameron draws his inspiration from an array of constantly changing array of obsessions, and exploring new fabrication techniques. You can email cameron at cameron@sterndesignworks.com

Co-Owner, 4 year old in Residence
Imogen is our in house Animal Identifier and moral support extroidinaire. You cannot email her.

Adrian Yablin
Studio Artisan, Assistant Designer , Retail Manager
Adrian holds a BFA in Illustration from RIT and holds kittens whenever possible. Adrian serves as a studio assistant/miniature and specicimen stud wrangler and is responsible for just about anything in our collections that gets painted. 

Genevieve Wollner 
Customer Service
Genevieve serves as in-house spreadsheet magician and energetic salesperson. Find her at our Chelsea Market Location tracking the merchandise in our constantly expanding collections.